How to Prepare for Your First Reborn & Things You'll Need

Preparing for your first reborn is never an easy task.

Most people who buy these realistic dolls want to role-play with them from the first day. This means they require all these items allowing them to do so. However, what if you never had a child of your own? Perhaps you don’t know what are the main things you need to get?

Don’t worry; we got you covered! Today, we feature Blue Moon ASMR, a reborn lover who created an awesome video explaining what are all the main things you need to buy prior to getting your first reborn.

Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Determine the size of your baby

Before we go into the items, it is necessary to determine the size of a baby. An inexperienced reborn parent may start buying items ahead of the time, without even knowing what kind of a reborn they’re gonna get. This might result in the majority of items (especially clothes) being too big or too small. If you’re going to get accessories and clothing before buying a baby, make sure that you know how big this doll is going to be.

  1. Diapers

All reborn dolls should have diapers. When buying a pack, make sure to check their size. Diapers vary in size so you will have to buy just the right item. According to Blue Moon ASMR, you can also buy baby wipes but keep in mind they cannot actually be used for reborn babies. Instead, you might use them as an accessory or you can use them for creating content (as she does).

  1. Magnetic pacifiers

Lots of dolls are sold together with pacifiers. This is perhaps the most common accessory which can be great whether you’re playing at home or perhaps want to take your baby outside. Like most other items, pacifiers come in different sizes. So, you will have to buy one that will fit your baby’s mouth. Also, most dolls have magnets in their mouth which are ideal for a magnetic pacifier. Having that in mind, you might also want to buy a magnet that you will then attach to a pacifier. A great thing about these products is that you can have several of them and change them from time to time. Clips should also be considered if you’re getting a pacifier. Clips can be attached to a pacifier so you have it close by at all times.

  1. Combs and brushes

There are different approaches to baby’s hair. Some of them have painted hair, some of them are hand-rooted while you also can find dolls with wigs. Combs and brushes are ideal for babies with wigs and hand-rooted hair. Combing baby’s hair is one of the most popular activities that reborn doll enthusiasts do. But, even if your doll has hand-painted hair, you can role-play with brushes. No matter what you do, be careful with it as dolls hair or paint can be really sensitive.

  1. Bottles

Bottles are a common part of reborn accessories. You can either buy a traditional baby bottle or some other types of bottles. Make sure to get suckers as well. Blue Moon ASMR implores new reborn mommies and daddies to be careful when using non-traditional bottles as they are prone to spills which is something you don’t want to happen. Bottles can be filled with a fake baby formula which can be stored in a special container.

  1. Cleaning products

Keep in mind that reborns don’t require that much maintenance and cleaning products; in most cases, normal water will suffice. However, for sake of role-playing, you might wanna buy some soap, cotton swabs and other minor items that will help you have more fun with your baby doll.

  1. Toys

Toys are also very common when it comes to reborn enthusiasts. You can use them to entertain your baby and do all sorts of fun things. Toys are also great accessories when going out as you can put them in a stroller.

  1. Clothes and blanket

There are lots of things you have to know in regards of clothing and blanket. First and foremost, you usually get these items when purchasing a doll. In that sense, they are not an important initial investment. Lots of people tend to go overboard and buy lots of clothes for their first doll. I would suggest against that, as you don’t really know if this hobby is the right thing for you. Later on, if you feel that having a reborn baby is something you like, you can always buy additional clothes and accessories but for the first time, I suggest against it. When purchasing doll clothes, make sure you know doll’s size. If you’re uncertain, you can always ask reborn artist. There is no real need for you to buy new clothes. Most parents who have real children sell barely used clothes cheap so it’s much better to buy them off of them.

There we go! With the help of Blue Moon ASMR you now have the full list of items that you will need for your new reborn child. Keep in mind that the list doesn’t include bigger items such as a crib, stroller or car seat; these are some things you should get later on if you decide this hobby is something you like.

Anyway, we hope you’ll create lots of fun memories with your newborn baby!

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