Art of Reborn Making: How to Make Reborn Babies?

Reborn dolls have been around for quite some time. However, the art of modifying reborn doll kits has become popular in the last several years.

If you’re new to this profession and wish to start your career in the best way possible, make sure to follow our tips - we’re sure you’ll love them!

What is reborning?

Reborning is a process where an artist takes a reborn doll kit or an already finished doll and starts changing (or adding) its features.

The main point is to create dolls that will be lifelike and resembling human babies. Artist’s skills are judged based on the realistic appearance of a reborn doll or a reborn toddler as well as the total number of details. They not only have to look but also feel like real children.

As products, these items can be really expensive – the prices go from $50 to above $10,000. This depends on a number of factors such as artist’s skills and popularity, quality of materials and number of accessories and so on. People who work in this profession require 30 to 40 hours to finish a reborn baby doll.

Using reborn kits

The best way of making reborns is by using a reborn kit.

Each set will include the basic parts necessary to create a doll such as silicone vinyl body, head, limbs and other supplies. Kits are different and each one has a distinct feature (size, pose etc.). This makes each doll unique. Please remember that there are both baby girl and boy dolls to choose from.

It’s also possible to get other accessories such as fake tears, eyelashes, specific eyes, hair and so on.

How to make a doll that is reborn

Although most artists sell finished dolls through a business store, it’s also possible to order a custom doll. This means that the projects will be different every time an artist will have to add different details to every child doll.

Here are the basic steps that will help you create reborn dolls:

  • After receiving a kit, an artist has to wash all the parts with water and dry them
  • An artist starts by painting veins onto the skin
  • Doll’s body should be placed on a baking sheet that was previously lined with a dishtowel
  • Next, individual parts have to be baked in an oven
  • When they cool off, an artist paints doll parts with a flesh color
  • After applying the paint, doll parts have to be baked once again (can be done with a special heat set)
  • Now, an artist can add other characteristics such as nails, lips, and eyebrows
  • Another thing that should instill life in a doll is the addition of hair or mohair (artist usually prefer mohair as it resembles that of a newborn)
  • When going for mohair, it needs to be cut into smaller pieces and by using rooting tools and felt needles, it has to be attached to a head
  • Hair needs to be glued from the inside and spread all over the scalp
  • Dampen the hair and then let it dry off naturally
  • Assembly is the last part. During this step, an artist has to add weight to a reborn baby by adding sand or glass beads. This will make it more realistic when holding it in arms

While these are the basic steps to creating a reborn baby doll, there are other ways to modify it. Have in mind there are different categories of dolls so it might be challenging. Generally, it's an easy process which can be done with this short online tutorial. There are still certain small things you need to take care of (for example, the bountiful baby needs to be painted several times). Of course, you can always buy beautiful realistic baby dolls for your nursery if you don't like the results. 

Some clients want a full experience so you have to be open to suggestions. There are clients who wish to take care of the real baby doll combing its hair and changing its clothes. So, you might have to add things such as baby fat, electrical device, voice box and other accessories so that a doll can mimic real baby’s behavior/motions. Dolls reborn will quickly become a part of your family! 

Last thoughts

Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two from this article. There are also numerous YouTube videos that can help you out if this wasn't enough. If you’re interested in reading more, you can find more information on reborns on our site. You can also click on our collection page to view all the products. Like us on Facebook and join our community as well!

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