How to Maintain Your Dolls Properly

To avid doll collectors, dolls are important pieces of investment not just of money but also of time and affection as well. Which is why they must be taken care of and kept in the best of conditions. Both antique and modern dolls should be kept in the best of condition to avoid deterioration and prevent damage. Here are some important to maintain your dolls.

how to maintain your dolls

Cleaning precautions for dolls

  1. Keep dust away: as with every collectible item, dust can be damaging to your dolls. It can lead to yellowing of the costume which is very hard to remove. Which is why you should keep your dolls in an enclosed cabinet or clean them regularly to get rid of accumulated dust.
  2. Keep smoke away. Smoke is another thing that can cause damage to your doll’s outfit. The odor from cigarette smoke can also be quite hard to get rid of when they get into your doll’s outfit.
  3. Keep Pets Away: dogs and cats will play with anything and this includes your dolls too if you leave them hanging around in their reach. they will eagerly chew away at your prized dolls and will damage them even if they didn’t mean to.
  4. Avoid bugs: it is normal for moths, carpet beetles and other types of destructive bugs to be attracted to dolls with wool clothing especially when they are not handled properly. They can also infest the wigs on your dolls or bore into wooden dolls. Which is why you should inspect them regularly for bugs. You should also wear gloves when handling your valuable collectibles and use moth repellent to keep the bugs away.

Storage precautions for dolls

  1. Avoid keeping them in natural light and fluorescent light: Natural sunlight causes the costume of your doll to fade quite quickly. Some vinyl dolls also get faded on exposure to sunlight. Which is why you should try to avoid keeping your dolls in rooms that have bright natural sunlight. Fluorescent light can also be as damaging to your dolls as sunlight. Certain types of vinyl dolls will turn greenish on exposure to fluorescent light. The best form of light to use in a room where you keep your dolls is incandescent lighting. This should not be kept close to the dolls as well as they dispense heat which can also cause damage.
  2. Avoid keeping your dolls in extremes: extreme temperatures whether hot or cold can cause damage to dolls. Heat and very cold temperatures can have different effects on various types of materials. Try to keep your dolls in a room with temperature control which is why the garage or attic is never a good place to store your dolls.
  1. Don’t clean your dolls in acidic chemicals: avoid cleaning your dolls with chemicals that are acidic as this will cause damage to their costumes and cause it to deteriorate over time. This is also a storage precaution as you should avoid keeping your dolls in cabinets and boxes with chemicals on them such as cabinets with varnished woods
  2. Don’t keep your dolls in Air-tight Plastic: Don’t listen to anyone that advises you to keep your dolls wrapped in airtight plastic bags. While airtight storage might sound like a good thing at first, you run a risk of damaging your dolls especially if there is moisture in the bag which can cause mold to grow on the dolls.

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