How to Display Your Doll Collection Like a Pro

While having a big doll collection is great by itself, it is much better when you can display it in the right way. When your friends and family come over, you can share the excitement with them and furthermore, you will cause other collectors to be envious of your magnificent pieces.

display dolls collection

What is the best place to display the dolls?

Doll lovers will always say that having a separate room is ideal. However, not all of us have a spare room at home for showing our collectible dolls. This makes the matters much trickier especially if you’re living in a small home or an apartment.

A cabinet is perhaps the best option you have at your disposal. Not only is it great for showcasing the collection but it will also safeguard the items from harmful elements. If you have too many dolls, you can always get another cabinet that will make your doll collection look even more impressive. Other options include doll-sized tables, shelves, and even spare beds.

However, even if you have some additional space in a room, you can’t simply leave your babies anywhere. There are lots of things that have to be considered as your dolls need optimal conditions. Basically, you need to avoid rooms with lots of sunlight or artificial light, rooms that your pets and kids can easily access as well as rooms where you smoke. Extreme temperatures are another issue to collectibles so you might consider putting them in a room with climate control. Rooms with lots of moisture can also cause trouble as they will lead to the appearance of mold.

Display furniture and shelves

In order to make your collection of dolls look even more impressive, you might consider getting some special furniture that will go well with the overall theme of the collection. For example, if you have modern Barbie dolls, furniture with lively colors and a modern design will do the trick. Classic dolls will require rustic furniture on the other hand.

The budget can also be an obstacle during this step. If you’re going for something modern, there are lots of cheap options to choose from. Classic furniture, as well as furniture from full wood, can pose some issues as they tend to be pricier. Nevertheless, if you’re serious about your collection and wish to keep it for a long time, this might be a solid investment.

Shop fixtures are one of the best ways to exhibit a big doll collection. Shop cabinets are usually much cheaper and bigger giving you enough space for everything. Furthermore, they also allow you to adjust the height of shelves which means that the height of dolls will not cause any issues. Sliding doors are another benefit to these cabinets as they provide much easier and safer access to the dolls collection. Whenever you want to rearrange the dolls, you can easily do it without causing a mess.

Additional tips for displaying your favorite dolls

Now that you’ve gotten the furniture and made some space in a room, you’re ready to set up the collection. Here are some additional tips and tricks you have to keep in mind while doing it.

  • Categorize dolls by size. This is especially important for people who have dolls from various periods and belonging to different product lines.
  • Categorizing dolls by type gives much more meaning to your exhibition.
  • Categorizing by colors is another way to approach things.
  • Make sure that the dolls have enough space. While you might be incented to put them all together, oftentimes it’s better to store some of the pieces elsewhere and wait to get a new cabinet or additional space.
  • People who have lots of space can role-play a bit. Create environments and scenes. You can create doll houses, parks, buildings, and everything else that will make the dolls feel more natural.
  • Similar to museums, you can categorize dolls based on their age. If you’re getting lots of visitors, you might even add some tags showing when was the doll made and where.

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