Best Way to Prepare a Fake Formula

People who are into reborns and realistic baby dolls love to do all kind of fun things with them.

When it comes to role-playing, reborn baby dolls are often treated like real kids. Women will feed reborn dolls with cookies, buy clothes, accessories and other items for them, change diapers, play with them, give them a pacifier when they need it and so on.


Most of the things on this list are pretty easy to do; you don’t have to learn anything new.

However, as with a real newborn boy or a newborn girl, making a formula for a baby bottle takes some work and knowledge.

What's the big deal?

Dolls that are reborn have a silicone body which can easily be damaged. The same goes for their clothing. So instead of feeding them regular milk or some other type of food, it is much better to prepare a faux formula. Another problem with milk is that it can easily go bad and ruin the whole experience.

At the same time, you need to find a way to create a custom formula that will resemble regular milk in its color and thickness. All of this will add to the realism and make role-playing with your reborn doll that much better.

For this purpose, a combination of glue and water can work great. You can also go for a mix of water and any white powder.

Preparing the formula

Here’s the full list of steps that will help you:

  • Purchase a baby bottle. These bottles are sold at a low price (you can find them for a dollar). When it comes to size, perhaps it’s better to get a bigger one
  • Pour water into the bottle and after that, add the colorant
  • Place the top and make sure its properly sealed
  • Start shaking the content of the bottle and make sure that the liquid is thick enough
  • Once you’re set, feel free to feed your reborn with the fake baby milk

The similar procedure goes when you prepare juice for a toddler. Again, don’t use regular juices that would stain your lifelike baby’s clothes. This is why you have to have blue, red and pink colorants that will not affect your babies and their clothes.

As you well know, some reborns have a magnetic mouth. While there are no reports that the magnet can be damaged by any liquid, it’s better to stay on the safe side and avoid it. All of these precautionary details can extend the life expectancy of a doll and especially protect its paint.

Just toys or something more?

People who have a fake baby doll don’t see it as a toy or an ordinary product; they will treat it as a child and do everything in their power in order to protect it. Some people may view this as odd or as a bad sign. However, it is known that reborns may help people overcome certain issues in life and as such, feeding a doll can serve as a therapy or a relaxation routine.

Do you feed your reborn? Have you ever encountered any issues? 

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