Why Do Some People Hate Dolls That Look Real?

If you love reborn baby dolls, you are probably aware of the negative stigma surrounding these realistic lifelike items. Although this isn’t a new hobby (newborn baby dolls have existed for a long time), it seems these babies don’t have a good reputation.

How is that you might ask? How can someone see a reborn baby doll in such a negative light? In the end, these dolls are “real” only in name; they are actually just toys so how can they be so intimidating?

Let’s talk more about these products, their history and business side of things. Read on!

First lifelike baby dolls

Reborn is meant to resemble a real baby. It isn’t usually bought as a toy but can still be a great gift for both kids and adults. They can also become a part of a collection; aficionados will pay lots of money for the best items.

The first reborns were made in the USA during the 1930s. At first, you could find them in special doll shops. Over the years, even though artists wanted to sell this type of product through popular department stores, there was a big outcry by common customers who didn’t share the enthusiasm for realistic baby dolls. It was a big blow for the item given how much the first attempt to introduce it common customers failed.

Some people even said that reborns ruined their buying experience as they were scary and would frighten their children. Even today these dolls are not featured in common stores. Instead, reborn companies sell them online.

From the first day, it looked as if these dolls will be climbing an upward slope.

Problem with realism

For those who are not acquainted with the process of reborning, let me help you out.

When creating a reborn baby, the artist will take an existing doll and add lots of cute details to it by hand. At least, this is how they were made back in the day.

Modern reborns are made by purchasing a reborn kit. Within the box, you will find all the necessary items, accessories, tools and instructions that will help you create one of these dolls. Please keep in mind that, even though there are instructions, it isn’t something you can learn or master overnight. So don’t expect a top result from your first attempt.

Reborn dolls usually have soft silicone vinyl limbs and head while their body is made of cloth and cotton. It’s also possible to create a full body silicone baby doll. The product is painted and weighted for a better feel. Hair is usually rooted by hand although sometimes the artist will use a wig. Eyes are another great detail on this list helping bring a doll to life. No wonder people call this an art form! Reborn baby dolls usually come with a set of clothes as well.

The whole process lasts for a week or so but you need at least a year to master all the small intricacies.

Although it’s great to have all these details, it also makes the dolls look realistic. For some people, it is too much realism. It is hard to say why but there is something within a human psyche that can make a person fearful. Even though we all know that these are inanimate objects, some of us find it hard to handle.

Reborn baby dolls may help some people

This is another reason why these products get a bad reputation.

There are a lot of women who had a miscarriage, stillbirth or who lost a child. Some of them struggled with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression afterward as it is completely normal to have a negative feeling after such a big shock in your life.

Some of them started using these silicone baby dolls as a way of relaxing and coping with a negative situation. There are even some indications that by giving a woman one of these dolls, it may increase their desire to have a baby girl or a baby boy. But this is where the controversy starts.

Even though these dolls may play a vital role in recovering from such tragic situations, the media presents it in a negative light. This reinforces the belief that these products are in some way negative and are not a real treatment.

It’s true that in terms of their medical use there are no studies corroborating that reborns are good for coping with depression. Still, if you are to believe all the users who stepped forward, it seems they can have a positive impact at least as a placebo.

How to buy reborn baby dolls

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