18 Most Popular Doll Themes You Should Have In Your Collection

While there are a lot of things you can do with reborn and realistic dolls, they sometimes tend to be dull.

Naturally, all of them are unique in their own right. But, a lot of artists are not creative enough to give them a special twist. As a result, we get a lot of items which, although made to be different by using various materials and appearances, look very similar.

This is a common issue that reduces the collectible value of your doll. In the end, your baby girl or boy will not feel as unique if there are a lot of similar pieces out there. As a result, a lot of doll artists try to create different themes that will give their dolls a new twist.

baby doll themes

What’s so great about doll themes?

As already mentioned, some dolls tend to look generic. While you can also have a lot of fun with them through role-playing, perhaps you would like to have something a bit different. This is why there are subcategories known as themes.

Themes can vary from fairies to angels and so on.

There are lots of different ways to create a new type of a theme: you can use different materials, different molds, change up their appearance, clothing, color and so on. Artists simply love creating new themes as it gives them an ability to experiment a bit and walk an unbeaten path.

Here are some of the most common themes you can find on the market today. Read on!

  1. African-American

Nowadays, African-American dolls can barely be called a “theme”. These products are sold in large quantities all across the world. Given that the first items were predominantly white; it was to be expected that sooner or later people would start making black reborn baby dolls. Besides the color, these babies have different hair, very similar to that of real African-Americans. However, in terms of the other features, they are pretty much the same: same quality materials are used, the price is the same, the demand is the same etc. While these items were initially made for African-Americans, over time they became highly prized collectibles. Some of them can go for thousands of dollars and are regarded as masterpieces.

  1. Angels

Angel dolls are nothing new; they have existed for a long time as part of church decoration and for other religious processions. You might’ve seen them during Christmas exhibitions when representing the birth of the Christ. However, they are much more than a decorative piece. Of course, people still buy them for their homes and they use them during religious holidays. But today, they have gained somewhat of a cult following and it is no longer unusual to see them as parts of a bigger doll collection. The main difference between such a piece and other dolls is the fact that these items have wings. They are very unique in that sense but there are also other ways to distinguish them. For example, they usually have much more luxurious clothing compared to other products. Furthermore, they are more likely to have winter coats and other outfits that symbolize the winter but they also may come in a different edition. If you’re looking for something glamorous and a bit different, then these dolls will be the perfect thing for Christmas.

  1. Breathing

If you’re a fan of realistic babies, you probably know that breathing dolls are nothing unusual. Most people prefer buying items that are as believable as possible so they’re looking for features such as breathing, cooing, heartbeat as well as for dolls that are able to perform other bodily functions. These babies have different mechanical systems within them allowing them to do these things. They are usually a bit more expensive than regular dolls just because you have to invest in all these parts. Some features might be added per request and most artists are willing to comply. In fact, within the reborn community, these things are regarded as very normal. In the end, people usually love to role-play with these babies and pretend as if they are real. That makes sense given that people use them as stress relief, as a way of reducing symptoms of depression, suppressing maternal instincts and so on. Although this concept might seem strange to you, if you’re a real doll lover, you might give such baby a try. Keep in mind that the breathing babies are not your regular collectibles that you’ll put on a shelf and forget about it.

  1. Christmas

As already mentioned, Christmas dolls are very popular within the doll community but are also often bought by other people. Besides their main decorative function, they are great playthings. Certain expensive pieces can be highly collectible. Christmas category is bigger and more inclusive than angels; while angels can be a part of this category, other dolls such as Elves, Santa Claus, Baby Jesus, The Prophets, can be found. But there are also themed products like Grinch. If you’re getting something interesting for your child, you should definitely browse this category. The quality of the products can vary significantly, materials used are different and there are also lots of different artists and companies that are making them. So, you will have lots of different choices at your disposal.

  1. Disney

When we mention Disney dolls, you’re probably thinking about popular characters such as Cinderella, Elsa, Jasmin and so on. But, this group goes well beyond that. Of course, all the popular characters are there, whether we’re talking about humans or animals. Everybody loves Disney dolls and your child will definitely appreciate having one. Most of them are made by the company itself but within the doll collectors’ world, they can signify much more. For example, there are a lot of artists who are making Disney inspired dolls who don’t necessarily have to be directly related to the company. In some cases, they might not even have the license! Still, that doesn’t make these pieces less desirable or worse. Some of these products are made like reborn babies with Disney themed outfit or accessories. So, that is definitely an interesting twist that everyone can appreciate.

  1. Fairies

Fairies are another popular theme that people simply love. As you can presume, most of these collectibles have wings however, they are much different compared to angles. Unlike angles, fairies are more like warrior dolls. They might have arrows, bows and other items. Some of them look like magicians. Anyway, these dolls represent an interesting category of warrior women which is why small girls love them so much. But, even though they look like toys, there are numerous intricate details to them. Due to their complexity, artists invest a lot of time into their creation focusing on materials such as vinyl, silicone as well as mixtures of these two. One of the most fabulous aspects of these dolls is their clothing. Fairies usually rely on flamboyant colors and special designs giving them a bit more magical, out-of-this-world look.

  1. Fixed pose

Most dolls available on the market are collectible pieces. That being said, it is normal that a person would like to have them placed in a certain position. Even if a doll is not used for a collection, most people leave them in a certain pose during the day. Dolls that are able to hold their pose are a bit obscure niche. There are not a lot of these items despite this amazing feature. This is mostly due to the fact they are a bit more expensive as artists have to invest in special mechanism allowing them to remain immovable. Still, you are able to play with them and treat them as you would regular reborns. In fact, their appearance is very similar to that of reborns relying on hand-rooted hair and wigs, eyelashes, fancy outfits, acrylic eyes and everything else that makes these items so amazing.

  1. Celebrities

Everyone would like to have a famous doll. There are a lot of people in our lives that we look up to, whether they’re celebrities or just regular people. That being said, there is nothing better than have one of these items in your living room or bedroom. Icon or celebrity dolls are much different than most other collectible items. They are small pieces of art that involve a lot of amazing craftsmanship. Artist has to do a great job with such a product in order to make it authentic. In terms of materials, various stuff can be used although artists and companies prefer materials that are more durable. In the end, if the paint starts peeling or if some of the parts are broken, it is really hard to restore these dolls. Various people are used as an inspiration - from presidents to artists, movie stars, famous athletes and so on. Have in mind that we’re not referring to bobble-head products or other gimmicky products; these celebrity pieces are much more than that as they have a lot of similarities to highly-collectible pieces.

  1. Interactive

Interactive dolls have numerous similarities to breathing babies though they are much more complex. These babies use a combination of different features. They might have heat packs to simulate body warmth, a mechanism to simulate heartbeat and breathing, some of them might have a system allowing them to react when touched and so on. Interactive babies provide a full experience to people who have lost a child, are dealing with some other maternal or paternal trauma, have a lot of stress in their life or simply want to deal with their biological instincts. They are meant to simulate real babies and people love treating them like real infants and playing with them. Interactive dolls can be reborns but may also be mass-produced. Most of these systems can be easily installed per request so that a buyer can get just the right feature that she or he wants.

  1. Monkeys

One very interesting theme that has emerged in the last couple of years is monkey dolls. Now, it is really hard to say how all of this started; animal dolls were always popular among kids. Still, companies never went overboard with these products. Instead, the most common ones were plush toys that are easy to maintain and can be dragged all over your home. Monkeys are a new twist on the popular subject. They are made like reborn babies by focusing on materials such as silicone and vinyl. Unlike your traditional animals, monkeys are more susceptible to damage which makes them a bit problematic as dolls. However, you can still give them to older kids who are responsible enough. Monkeys are not for transitional periods; they should be given to doll lovers who can take care of them. Furthermore, these babies can be excellent collector’s items. Monkey dolls come with various subthemes like those used for other collectibles.

  1. Movies & Entertainment

The products from this category belong to various movies, TV shows, and cartoons. You can even categorize Disney dolls as a part of Movies & Entertainment theme but it goes much deeper than that. Various movies were used as an inspiration for these toys. For example, items based on superheroes are very popular in the last several decades. There are also classic characters such as those from Star Wars and Star Trek. But of course, you can also buy toys inspired by popular kids’ TV shows and cartoons. Movies & Entertainment dolls can be made from various materials. While silicone vinyl babies are common, there are also products made from sturdier materials. Given their nature, they are not necessarily playthings. Instead, most people will buy them for their collection or simply as a decoration for their work desk.

  1. Native American

Native American dolls have numerous similarities to African-American babies. At first, there wasn’t a big market for these babies. Furthermore, they were often overlooked by companies. Nowadays, with the rise of cultural diversity and equality, Native American dolls have gotten their rightful representatives within the doll world. These babies usually have a bit darker tan compared to the white ones and they have black hair. Their basic structure is the same as that of reborns. A mixture of silicone vinyl is dominant for limbs and head while some of them have a cloth body. In terms of hair and other body hair, it is usually rooted while sometimes, a wig may be used. Anyway, the durability of these dolls will depend on the material being used so that the buyer might have to be extra careful with some of the pieces. To make them even more authentic, they come with the traditional Native American clothing that gives them that little bit extra. Like all other reborn and realistic babies, Native American dolls may prove to be useful for dealing with various issues but can also be a great addition to your doll collection.

  1. NFL Football

Needless to say, these babies are primarily made for the fans of NFL Football. They are basically your standard reborn or realistic babies that have special outfits based on NFL teams. You can buy a baby dressed in New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams jersey. They also come with matching blankets and other accessories that make the whole experience that much better. But some artists choose to take it a bit farther so you might find some dolls with mad or cheering faces mimicking those of passionate NFL fans. These babies are definitely a lot of fun and are a good way to show your support for a hometown team. Nevertheless, always remember that they are primarily reborns and should be treated that way. So, most women (and men) will buy them for roleplaying.

  1. Religious

Dolls based on religious themes are more popular than you would imagine. We already mentioned items such as angels and Christmas dolls; however, you also have items inspired by adult Jesus, the Pope, Mary Magdalene and so on. The main focus of these collectible products is providing decoration and comfort. They are ideal for religious people as well as those who wish to sanctify their home and bring themselves closer to God. Most people who buy them say that these dolls bring them a sense of comfort when going gets tough. Of course, given that they are primarily decorative items, they shouldn’t be used as toys. So, perhaps it’s not ideal if you were to give one such product to your child. Religious dolls usually have amazing details, they are very fragile and might come with various accessories.

  1. Sports

Sports are always a popular theme no matter what kind of a product we’re talking about. Besides the previously mentioned category of NFL, there are other types of sports that are featured and presented by using reborn and realistic dolls. For example, there are NBA inspired dolls, the NHL, and so on. All these items are very similar in their core (almost generic reborn baby is used) but they wear an outfit of a particular team.

  1. Preemies

Preemies or prematurely born dolls are a special variant of a reborn doll. Like all other items of this type, preemies are extremely realistic and are meant to resemble real babies. In fact, they have all the normal features of reborn babies; they are very smooth, nice on touch, realistic, they might have other features such as heartbeat and so on. But, what differentiates these babies from all the others is the fact they are noticeably smaller. Most of them come with a birth certificate and sometimes, they are placed in an incubator. While this might seem a little overboard to some people, preemies are extremely popular among women who have lost a child and others suffering from psychological issues and depression.

  1. Anime dolls

When we talk about dolls, we usually have a perspective of the Western world. For us, these products usually resemble real babies with lots of amazing features and details. But, there is a completely different way of looking at things. At the same time, Western companies were inventing new themes, in the East, there was a rise of toys inspired by Japanese cartoons known as anime. These toys often have exaggerated dimensions with lots of accent on head and eyes. They are made from various materials and in various sizes and they have little to do with dolls that we know and love (at least in terms of appearance). The best thing about these items is that you can either use them as playthings or you can use them as decorative pieces. Some of the anime dolls can fetch a high price on auctions especially if we’re talking about pieces that are several decades old.

  1. Halloween

Halloween is a celebration that has slowly become popular all over the world. Initially, it was only present in the Western world but over time, other nations also starter celebrating it. This makes sense given that this is one of the most fun festivities out there. Of course, the trend was soon followed by the toy and doll companies and today we have products such as Halloween dolls. These babies are very similar to other dolls with a small twist: they wear scary clothes! It is all about good fun in the end so if you want to treat your kid with something awesome; make sure to buy a Halloween doll!

Last thoughts

Doll market is constantly on the rise and new products are invented daily.

There are lots of interesting themes out there and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Of course, some of the themes aren’t as popular so they didn’t make it to our list. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t become popular in a year or two.

If you’re a doll collector, if you love reborn dolls, or if you simply want to buy a nice gift for your child, these items would be a perfect choice. They will simply rock your world! Just make sure to check our store and pick the products you like!

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