Doll Parts: 5 Most Important Parts In Baby Dolls

When talking about dolls, people rarely see them as a sum of their parts. Instead, we tend to focus on the finished product and we neglect all the minor pieces that go into the creation of this item.

Truth be told, dolls are made to be looked at and played with. There is no point in summarizing their parts and judging a doll just based on its eyelashes or hair. However, these small parts are the reason why some items are so adorable while others fail to be that way.

baby doll parts

Let’s check some of the main doll parts and why are they important for a baby doll.


The body of dolls has evolved significantly over time.

First pieces were made from wood; they were antique items that were mainly used for religious and magical rituals. At first, there was no distinction between a body and other parts. Dolls were usually made from one object, such as wood and stone and were no need to incorporate additional details.

Of course, this goes together with early human craftsmanship. We simply weren’t able to produce such complex, delicate figures. Needless to say, dolls changed significantly over time.

Some of the materials used for this part of the body include silicone, vinyl, porcelain, and even cloth! Most of the doll use the same material for limbs as they would for the rest of the body. For example, our store sells a lot of full silicone baby dolls. In fact, some of the more popular toy dolls like Barbie are made from one and the same material.

There are also some babies that are made from a combination of materials. The most common mixture is silicone with cloth and cotton (silicone being used for limbs and head while cotton and cloth for the body). This is a very common combination for reborn dolls as cloth gives more softness to the body making it feel more realistic.

If you don’t know much about dolls, you probably think their bodies are always empty. While there are a lot of commercial toy dolls that use this approach, there are also companies that fill their babies’ bodies. As mentioned, reborn dolls with cloth body use cotton as a filling. On the other hand, if silicone is being used for the body, common filling includes sand and pellets. This gives babies a more realistic feeling when you hold them in your arms.


Limbs are the second big part of the body that needs to be discussed.

In most cases, the same material will be used or both body and limbs. However, there are certain cases where limbs themselves will be a mixture of materials. The best example of this is ¾ or ½ dolls. Most of their limbs are made from materials such as silicone and they will have cloth in place of the shoulders. This gives joints more mobility and makes them softer. When you look at their hands, they will have the same appearance as their head. This is great for dolls that rely on clothing as it creates an illusion that they are fully made out of silicone.

Another interesting category is ball-jointed dolls. These babies originate from Japan and have become enormously popular in the last few years. Basically, as the name implies, they have balls in place of their joints. Because of that, they are very mobile and have a distinct look compared to some other items.


Head is the most important part of a doll; a part that gives it authenticity.

Just by looking at their faces, experts are able to tell the era when a doll was made. At least in the majority of the cases. As a centerpiece, the head can be used as a marketing tool and give a product a distinct advantage over its competition. One of the best examples is the Bratz dolls.

In terms of material being used, it is usually the same stuff that is used for the rest of the body. So, don’t be surprised if you see things such as silicone, porcelain, and even cloth. Of course, modern dolls are usually made from silicone and its mixtures.

One of the reasons why silicone is so popular nowadays is the fact it allows artists to easily apply various things and paint. In fact, today's dolls are very durable and can easily stand the test of time. In terms of filling, similar materials are being used for stuffing.

Eyes and eyelashes

“Eyes are the windows to the soul” is a common expression that also holds true for dolls.

Modern dolls use acrylic as the main material for the products. They are very reliable, sturdy materials that can last for a long time. In fact, eyes are probably the most durable part of a doll.

To top it all off, artists add eyelashes. They are especially common for reborn and realistic babies but are also used for toy dolls.

Eyebrows are the last part of the equation. Unfortunately, unlike the eyes and eyelashes, eyebrows are usually drawn so we can’t really call them a “part” of a doll. Nevertheless, they are very important for giving items that wholesome, realistic look.


Finally, we have to touch on the hair.

Given that most of the dolls are female dolls (or baby girl dolls), it makes sense that special attention is given to hair. Like the face, hair is one of the most exciting parts giving artists and companies a lot of space to work with.

You can either draw hair, you can use a wig or you can root it in the head; it all depends on the effect you wish to create. While it looks awesome, it can also be troublesome. It is regarded as the most sensitive part of a doll so be careful how you’re handling it. Some women love to comb their baby’s hair but if you do this too often, it will affect its quality leading to faster deterioration.

Last thoughts

As you might’ve noticed, we haven’t mentioned accessories such as clothes as well as other items that go with dolls. Naturally, they are not integral parts of the items although they are closely related.

The greatest thing about these babies is the number of things you can do with them. There are various approaches to materials and there are various techniques you can use to create a baby. Always remember that, if you have money and time, you can even create your own dolls!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about dolls and their main parts!

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