10 Popular Doll Myths (and 10 Solid Facts!)

Myths are everywhere. People believe what they want to believe even though it is not always the truth. Sometimes, these myths get so popular they almost become a shared reality. Here are some of the popular myths people have about dolls.

Doll Myths

  1. Myth: Dolls are creepy!

Fact: You might share this view too if you’ve seen Chucky or any of the other Hollywood movies like it. Of course, dolls can be creepy and scary, but the plain truth is that anything can be made to look creepy intentionally. And that includes dolls too. 

  1. Myth: All Barbie dolls with 1966 stamped on their behind are very valuable.

Fact: The fact that a doll has “1966” stamped on their behind doesn’t make them any valuable than they normally are. In fact, most of these dolls were not made in 1966 but much later. The year 1996 is simply the patent date for all Barbie dolls and not necessarily the date of issue.

  1. Myth: All doll collectors are old and eccentric.

Fact: doll collectors are not always old. In fact, people of all ages collect dolls; young smart career women, teenagers, middle-aged men and women and of course the grandmas and aunts.

  1. Myth: All doll collectors are women

Fact: definitely not True!! Many people even extend this to imply that men who collect dolls are gay which is nothing but a stereotype. Although doll collection is a field with more women than men, there are men who are doll collectors as well and are not gay.

  1. Myth: old dolls are valuable and new dolls aren’t.

Fact: many old dolls are not worth that much especially if they are in poor condition. A doll with a battered body, ratty wigs and with no original clothing won’t be worth much. This doesn’t mean they are worthless though as collectors who love to collect older dolls or those who like to fix up old dolls will still buy them.

  1. All doll artists are doll makers

Fact: this looks pretty straightforward, but it isn’t. While both terms are usually used interchangeably, they are actually different. Doll artists work with dolls, but they don’t actually make dolls. A doll maker, on the other hand, makes dolls. It is possible for a doll maker to be a doll artist but a doll artist is rarely a doll maker.

  1. Antique doll collectors hate modern dolls.

Fact: This is another stereotype about doll collectors that just isn’t true. Most people who have a passion for antique dolls also collect modern dolls. It is true that most antique doll collectors are interested in doll history and that include both modern and old ones.

  1. Dolls with Ball-joints are innovative

Fact: Ball jointed dolls are not innovative ideas. In fact, they have been around for a very long time and the only reason why they are used is that their manufacturers don’t have the money needed to develop engineered jointing for durable materials such as plastics.

  1. Dolls attract spirits

Fact: this is one area that remains largely inconclusive. While there is no direct evidence to prove the validity of this fact, there have been many examples of people who claimed to have experienced paranormal activities with dolls. Whether it is true or not remains a matter hotly debated.

  1. The value of collectible dolls always increases

Fact: Contrary to what you might have heard, collectible dolls don’t always increase in value. While some definitely do after a few years, most of them don’t. Collecting dolls is simply a passion for most doll collectors, not a means to make quick money. Your dolls might end up increasing in value, but not always.

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