10 Most Common Doll Collectors Mistakes

Nobody ever wants to be told that they are wrong. But as a beginner or even an expert in doll collection, it is possible that you are doing a certain thing wrong. Here are some mistakes you are probably guilty of.

doll collectors mistakes

  1. Displaying in a cramped up space: Almost every doll collector wants to show off their collection. However, crowding all your dolls into a small space just to make sure you are displaying all of them is wrong. What you end up doing is to show off the number of dolls you have and not the beauty of each of them which should be the purpose of your display.
  2. Store wrongly: storing your dolls correctly should be a top priority for you if you really care about them. Being ignorant in this area will cause damage to your dolls. One wrong practice is to store all your dolls the same way. Because they are made of different materials, plastic dolls and porcelain dolls should be treated differently. The same rule applies to others as well. That’s just scratching the surface on the many atrocities many doll collectors commit in this area.
  3. Collect a single doll: diversity they say is the spice of life. I don’t think you can really be considered a doll collector if all you do is collect just one type of doll. Of course its normal to prefer a particular doll or just be drawn to one more than the other. But collecting just one doll is really limiting yourself on so many levels.
  4. Think modern dolls are useless: collecting dolls isn’t simply about antique dolls. You want to be able to tell a story with your dolls and that goes from the past to the present. While many collectors collect mostly antique dolls, there is nothing bad with the modern ones too.
  5. Bad photography: even if you are not a professional photographer, there are basic things to take a doll’s photograph you should know as a doll collector. Learning those things and putting them to good use when taking photos is better than assaulting people with atrocious badly taken doll photographs.
  6. Rinsing dolls in vinegar: staining is terrible problem doll collectors are familiar with, but the solution isn’t rinsing the doll in vinegar as many people propose. Rinsing your doll garment with Vinegar (which you should know is an acid will cause) it to deteriorate over time.
  7. Compare doll fashion to human fashion: many collectors erroneously believe clothing for dolls should be just as detailed as one for humans. While emphasis should still be on quality, comparing miniature clothing to full human couture is by all means unnecessary.
  8. Assume all the value of all dolls increases with time: while this is true for some dolls, it isn’t true for most. Even for the ones whose value increase with time. it doesn’t do so within the first few years of purchasing it.
  9. Collecting dolls as an investment: dolls are playthings. Even in the hands of a collector that is what they should remain. you shouldn’t buy dolls especially the modern ones so that you can stuff it in a closet for sale later.
  10. Complain about their dolls online: so you buy a defective doll and you go online to rant about it. You might have a darn right to be pissed off, but the right way to solve the problem is sending a complaint directly to the manufacturers. They are the only one that can actually fix the problem.

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