Top 7 Doll Artists from Paradise Galleries

For years and ears, Paradise Galleries has been one of the biggest doll manufacturers in the world. They offer a wide variety of dolls to its customers so you will always find what you’re looking for. On top of that, they rely on their own branded materials making the products that much more unique.

Besides their impressive logistics and organization skills, the main reason why people choose this brand is because of its doll artists. Names such as Lisa Olson and Ping Lau have been synonymous with its success propelling the company to new heights.

Here is a list of top artists working for Paradise Galleries:

  1. Kelli Maple

Kelli has experimented with various dolls and styles over time. If you check her collection, you might notice different types of items. She was never afraid of experimenting with different materials and besides realistic dolls, she also made some toy-like items. Like most reborn artists, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. No matter what you need, Kelli is able to create a premium product!

  1. Bonnie Brown

Most reborn artists are self-taught and the same goes for Mrs. Brown. Her mantra is: “Everything is possible if you want it enough and try hard enough”. Bonnie started creating dolls because she simply wanted to have them. After getting lots of positive reviews, the hobby slowly grew into profession and today, you can find lots of her babies online. Paradise Galleries have a prominent spot for her!

  1. Lisa Olson

Lisa Olson specializes in a wide variety of OOAK dolls. Keep in mind that she doesn’t only work with reborns but instead, she prefers creating unique pieces and especially ball jointed dolls. She was into dolls since the young age. During the 80s, she learned how to repair dolls and in 2006 she started sculpting lifelike reborn babies. Her experience and skill brought her numerous awards and accolades.

  1. Laura Lee Eagles

Laura’s fascination with dolls began in 2009. While browsing the web for gifts, she stumbled upon OOAK dolls. She was immediately intrigued by their design and creativity behind them. As she couldn’t buy one for herself, she started creating. After seeing her work, the whole family supported Laura’s newfound hobby. From that point onward, she never looked back and today, Laura is regarded as one of the world’s top doll artists.

  1. Sherri Williams

Like with most other artists, Sherri has always loved and appreciated dolls. In fact, she started tinkering with them since the young age by using materials such as wood, porcelain, various fabrics, buttons and so on. In 1995, she turned this doll obsession into a business. Sherri is the real student of the game; when she’s not creating dolls, she’s learning more about their history and studies various models available on the market.

  1. Ping Lau

Ping Lau is an international doll artist who received her education in Singapore. As someone who always had a knack for arts, she had a high appreciation for realistic dolls. Her babies are a reflection of her views and the way she sees the world: Ping is prepared to experiment with various models and types always looking forward to creating amazing ethnical dolls. It is no wonder her dolls are regarded as masterpieces and are often mistaken for real babies.

  1. Michelle Fagan

Michelle is an important part of Paradise Galleries team. As a world-renowned doll artist, her pieces are recognized and appreciated all over the globe by enthusiasts who never stop admiring her skill. Michelle is pretty fearless when it comes to dolls; she is prepared to experiment with any type of material and doll type. Whether its silicone, cernit clay or resin, she doesn’t mind trying something new from time to time. Getting one of her dolls is a real treat!


Dolls made by these top artists can be found at Paradise Galleries.

Keep in mind they are not working exclusively with the company; instead, each of the artists have their own site or Facebook page where fans can buy some of their latest pieces. If you’re looking for a new baby for your collection, then you should definitely check out these masters!

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