10 Doll Accessories Your Baby Must Have

A doll is a model of a human being which often serves as a toy for children. To make dolls more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to their target audience (children), accessories are added. Accessories are things that complete one’s outfits but in this case, they can even be attachments that are designed to complement the puppet. They come in various sizes and shapes and help the dolls as real as can be at least to the children.

Children especially little girls when playing with their dolls want to do so as realistically as possible. They want to hug and even feed these toys so asides from getting a perfect doll and the perfect clothes for them, the perfect set of accessories should also be gotten.

Types of doll accessories

Children like playing with puppets and since they have over-reactive imaginations nowadays, they are not merely content with playing with just puppets alone. They want to act out real-life scenarios with them. Accessories make this possible. Examples of such products children like playing with are:

  1. Playpens: A playpen is a sleeping area for toys. They come in various sizes and can accommodate dolls of different sizes
  2. Miniature Kitchens: When children are playing pretend, they like to cook for their toys, heat up feeding bottles. Miniature kitchens mimic real kitchens and have almost everything in them.
  3. Prams: Dolls also have strollers of their own that are just as functional and fashionable as the real ones. They come in different colors and sizes and even include diapers.
  4. Doll Carriers: Children especially little girls love to imitate their parents so it is of no surprise that there are doll carriers. Your child can carry her toy in front or behind and they are just like the ones adults use and can also be washed in case they get dirty.
  5. Changing Stations: This usually a bed with a mobile, high chair, and a laundry station. This toy has many accessories a child needs to care for and love their baby doll and really get into playing make-believe. It is easy to wash and also very durable.
  6. Baby Bottles and feeding set: Every baby has to eat and this includes your child’s toy. With this accessory, the little mothers can feed their babies. Baby bottles set includes two feeding bottles with disappearing milk and juice, a bib, divided plate, fork and spoon, and two containers for baby food. With all the basics covered, it's sure to keep little parents busy for hours.
  7. Wooden High Chair: These come in different styles and finishes. It makes the puppet’s mealtime extra fun for your child. The high chairs can fit a puppet of up to 18 inches in height.
  8. Shopping cart: It is the perfect size for toddlers between four and five years. It is big enough to be loaded with baby toys, purses, pretend food, or whatever else she desires. The cart is designed to roll well on carpet and also hard floors without worry of scratches and scuffs. It is on the small side, though any baby doll 15 inches or smaller should fit in the seat.
  9. Ride along Bike Seat: This is for children who are old enough to ride a bicycle safely but still play with toys. With this bike seat, they can carry the toy around conveniently.
  10. Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier: Dolls also have car seat carriers. It is functional and is perfect for educating children on the importance of car safety.

Accessories make toys more alive and better to play with. They present real-life situations that the children can relate to.

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