Betty Boop Doll - Who Is She?

Throughout the ages, the doll producers have relied on various motifs and characters for inspiration. This makes sense as it was always hard to define dolls. Are they religious or magic objects? Perhaps they are collectibles? How about toys? The greatest thing about the dolls is that they were always free to interpretation: you can make whatever you want out of them!

Betty Boop doll

Oftentimes, doll manufacturers use cartoon characters as an inspiration. This makes sense given that dolls are primarily kids’ items. And what better way to sell them than to create them in an image of popular cartoon characters? One of these characters is Betty Boop.

Who is Betty Boop?

It is a bit strange that we are talking about Betty Boop in 2019. But, this cartoon character has definitely left its mark on the world and on the doll industry as well.

For most people, Betty Boop is a relic from the past. However, within the doll community, it still represents a powerful symbol. This is mostly due to the fact that this character has done a lot for recognition of female characters and, given that dolls are primarily made for women, it is something most people can rally behind.

Betty Boop was created by Max Fleisher and Grim Natwick. Her first appearance was in Talkartoon as well as Betty Boop series. Both were made by Fleisher Studios. Given their massive potential, Paramount Pictures decided to release them. Besides cartoons, the company also created Betty Boop comic books and other types of products. Of course, one of these products were dolls.

The character was meant to be a caricature of a Jazz Age flapper. It has interesting facial features with a rather big head, small nose, disproportional body, and other notable features. Even though there weren’t any high expectations for Betty Boop, she managed to capture the hearts and minds of people all over the world becoming one of the most influential cartoon characters of all time.

Betty Boop dolls

The company didn’t waste any time capitalizing on Betty Boop character. After gaining its glory, the company started producing items such as dolls.

Today, these dolls managed to stand the test of time and are still popular products. You can find them online through various sites such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. Given that Betty Boop was first introduced during the 1930s, it gave companies a lot of time to create various types of Betty Boop dolls. Today, you can find lots of variations of this doll online, such as dolls made from cloth, silicone, plastic and so on. Besides its traditional red dress, the characters come in various outfits representing the fashion of that particular time period.

To sum it up

Doll collectors simply love Betty Boop! While most of these dolls were made in factories, they still are highly collectible. Those that were handmade are even more popular and valuable. If you ever consider getting one of these babies, keep in mind that it will be a great addition to your doll cupboard!

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