7 Best Tips for Parents of Reborn Dolls

Even if you have kids and family, being a mom to a reborn baby doll is something completely different. It takes months to learn all these small things and from time to time, you might feel lost. Have in mind that reborns are unlike any other products and there will be growing pains.

If you just started collecting reborn baby dolls, make sure to read our tips. I’m sure you’ll love them!

  1. Holding a reborn doll

Reborns are weighted before they’re sold. This gives a realistic feeling when you carry them around making them much heavier than any regular baby doll. You need to carry your reborn baby as you would a real child. This way you make sure people around you feel good (most of them will get scared once they learn your newborn isn’t a newborn). Please make sure you don’t do anything strange with its body, like carry it by its feet as it would create an instant panic in a public place.

  1. Taking care of their bodies

One of the reasons why you should take care of its body (in public or otherwise) is the fact that some reborns are going to have cloth bodies. Each time you play with it and move its limbs, it increases pressure on the body potentially leading to tears. You’ll have to take extra care during the day as all this movement can force you to buy new cloth for your babies. They are quite sensitive so try to limit their movement and when you do move them, try to make it in a safe, secluded environment where you're not forced to make any sudden moves. 

  1. Washing reborn baby dolls

Washing is next on our list. If your reborn has a cloth body, you will quickly find out how hard it is to dry it. If you don’t do it well, the cloth will get moldy. Nevertheless, you need to maintain your reborn dolls and baby wipes will definitely help. Or, you can simply brush off the baby from time to time. Avoid using lotion or chemicals. As for the hair, you can have fun with it and wash it gently as long as you make sure it doesn’t affect the body. Make sure to be genle afterwards during brushing though as their hair is soft and gentle. 

  1. Proper clothing

We sometimes forget that certain fabrics will bleed color. This is one of the things we often disregard as it doesn’t affect our skin. However, it can pose a big problem for reborns. Dark blue and black can especially be problematic. If the color bleeds, it will easily damage the skin of a reborn. My advice is to go with lighter fabrics. You can also put lighter fabrics such as leggings as the basis and jeans on the top. Just make sure that as you change clothes, jeans and other rough fabrics don’t come into contact with the baby and cause friction.

  1. Leaving your baby doll in a car

In the last few years, there were several cases where people saw a reborn in a car and thought that it was a real baby or a toddler. Being how we’re protective towards children, these individuals would break into a car to save a reborn. According to my experience, when you travel with a reborn, it’s best to cover it with something. Another easy solution is to flip the seat. If your baby is constnatly exposed to the sunlight, its paint will slowly start fading away. This is why we often call reborns small masterpieces. 

  1. Feeding babies

Some women will give food to their babies (bottles with liquid to be precise). The nipple can be a real problem in this case as it may lead. Silicone nipple can work just fine and I would recommend it. However, make sure to close it properly before feeding. Any split can leave marks on rebron baby's clothes. Furthermore, its painted skin doesn't react well to liquids of any kind. So, role-playing is nice and all but make it safe!

  1. Nursery tips

If you have a big collection of reborns, you might consider a nursery. This is a special place where you can keep your dolls without thinking that someone will damage them. Furthermore, it can also be used as your own place for relaxation where you can sit back and enjoy the company of the baby. You can do lots of things in terms of design which makes nurseries so much fun. When setting up this room, make sure it is not humid, it doesn’t get too much light and that animals cannot reach your reborns. 

To wrap it up

Reborns often get a bad rep in the news media as some women use them for health issues (coping with a pregnancy loss to be precise). While there is nothing that can replace the life of a baby, these dolls have an important role in getting women back on their feet.

No matter how some people view reborns, I think there are some clear positives to having one.

If you keep reborns and want them to be safe, these tips will definitely help you out!

Do you have a funny story where you failed as a reborn parent? Make sure to share it in the comments below!

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