Babyclon Dolls: Main Features and Certification

If you are into realistic reborn babies, you have probably heard of Babyclon dolls.

As you can guess by its name, these items are meant to be as close as possible to real kids. Unlike some other reborn companies, Babyclon puts extra emphasis on realistic details and makes sure that the dolls resemble real children as much as possible.

Of course, given that this is one of the main requirements for reborn parents, you can easily figure out that these babies are among more popular products on the market.


What are some of their main features?

The greatest thing about Babyclon is not only that they have lots of different dolls on their website; they also allow for a high level of customization.

What does this mean?

Well, you can order the precise type of doll you want with certain bodily modifications. For example, the client can choose between hyperrealistic eyes made by hand, elf ears, pig custom, ability to drink and wet, ability to eat and poo, internal structure in arms, mermaid tail, creative painting on dolls body (per your requirements), umbilical cord, and specific type of hair.

Besides all this stuff, you can also get some other mechanisms installed.

Now, if you are a new reborn parent, all of this might seem a bit off to you. Mermaid tail and pigs nose are some of these awkward modifications. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about them as people love to mix it up. Not everyone is into simply realistic babies but instead, they would like to experiment a bit with their baby doll.

Needless to say, you can choose several modifications at the same time. In certain occasions, it won’t be possible to put all of them (for example, you can’t have 2 different types of noses), but still, the amount of customization with Babyclon dolls is simply impressive.

Additional certificate

Most companies provide some sort of a certificate when you buy a baby.

In most cases, this is a simple birth certificate which helps you with roleplaying. As if, you gave birth to this child.

When it comes to more reputable brands, they don’t only give a birth certificate but are also inclined to give their own certificate of authenticity. Babyclon sends these with each sculpture ensuring that you have a confirmation of purchase. One day, if you want to sell your baby or trade it, you can use this certificate as a guarantee.

But given that Babyclon is so advanced compared to some other companies, this certificate can also be used to corroborate the model. You see, each baby has a chip in it and with this certificate, you can ascertain whether or not it is the exact product you bought. The numbers on these microchips are entered in a database so even if you lose something, there is a way of corroborating authenticity and retrieving data.

It is a small token that the company cares and that they are willing to help you find your baby!

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