Baby Alive: Dolls That Can Eat, Drink and Wet Themselves

Baby Alive dolls are a popular brand by Hasbro.

The thing that differentiates these dolls from others is the fact they can eat, drink, and wet themselves. Dolls have a movable mouth and digestive tract that allows them to perform all these actions. While the product may have been revolutionary when it was first introduced, Baby Alive dolls are nowadays regarded as one of the most popular and recognizable doll brands in the world.

baby alive doll

Baby Alive dolls hit the market in 1973. They were made by a company called Kenner but today, they are a part of Hasbro family. They can in lots of different variations and skin tones. Baby Alive dolls are especially popular among collectors.

Baby Alive doll history

As previously mentioned, these products were the brainchild of Kenner company. The general idea behind the doll is to create items that are great for role-playing and would teach kids responsibility. They came with several accessories including a feeding spoon, a bottle, and diapers. With these accessories, a doll could perform various tasks.

For example, once you put a spoon in its mouth, there was a lever on its back that would allow it to chew the food. Once the food is processed and passed through its body, it would have ended up in a diaper. The doll was also able to create droppings.

First dolls were based on batteries and were able to pee and poo but not throw up. You could activate them by a spoon, a finger or a bottle. 

The company made a major breakthrough in 1992. During this year, they made their first Baby Alive doll that could speak. Most other features were there but a bit altered. The doll could still eat but there was no longer a need for a lever. Kenner was able to modernize its dolls via new technology. Sensors within the product could detect various stages of a doll’s feeding process and the user could be notified whether the doll is done, it needs to potty or do something else.

Unfortunately, the company experienced certain issues with this line of products and it had to be discontinued. Still, they got back in 1995 with a non-talking version. These new dolls had food accessories that would allow kids to feed them.

Modern Baby Alive dolls

Kenner company eventually became a part of Hasbro. Baby Alive dolls were relaunched in 2006 and were made for a modern market with higher needs and expectations. Here are some of the popular models that you can buy nowadays:

Newborn dolls

  • Pat 'N Burp is a baby that eats from its bottle and when you pat it on the back it burps
  • Sip 'N Snooze is a doll that starts sleeping after a meal
  • Sip 'N Slurp is a doll that can start drinking when you press its stomach. Afterward, it will wet its diaper. There is also a birthday version of a doll that was created in 2008 that is able to blow candles off of a cake
  • Wets 'N Wiggles is a baby doll able to drink soda and once it gets wet, it will start crying and wiggling until you change its diaper. This doll is unique as it cannot speak unlike other models

Speaking toddlers

  • Baby Alive Baby's New Teeth is a doll whose teeth are growing. Once you press its tongue, new teeth will start appearing. She is also able to bite things. The model is also able to drink and wet.
  • Baby Alive Learns to Potty is a doll that has to be potty trained. When you feed this doll, it will tell you that it needs to potty. Nevertheless, if you don’t make it in time, it still has a diaper as a safety measure. The interesting feature about this doll is the fact it learns over the time. So, the first time it needs to potty it will likely soil its diaper and with each subsequent use, the time between eating and pottying prolongs
  • Baby Alive Bouncing Babbles is an item that can bounce up and down and is able to make various sounds
  • Baby Alive Real Surprises has lots of different functions. For example, she can talk, sing, suck on a pacifier and so on. She is both able to eat and to wet itself. It is one of the first Baby Alive dolls introduced by Hasbro
  • Baby alive soft face 2006 doll is able to eat after which; the content will end up in a diaper
  • Baby Alive Better Now Baby is a baby that needs a medical treatment. She is sick and you need to give her medicines

There are some other versions of Baby Alive doll. Most of the older versions are highly collectible while a newer version can be easily bought online, directly from Hasbro.

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