Ashton Drake vs Reborn Dolls: What's the Difference?

If you’re into reborn baby dolls, you’ve probably heard of the Ashton-Drake brand. This is one of the top manufacturers in the industry creating various realistic dolls and accessories. Furthermore, many people will refer to it as one of the best creators of reborns.

But are they really?

What’s the difference between their products and items created by reborn artists?

We’ll discuss it in this article so read on!

What is a reborn doll?

Dolls had a major role throughout the history. They were made of porcelain and other fragile materials and they were somewhat of a fashion item. 

Dolls are reborn when you take an ordinary doll and modify it so it looks more lifelike and similar to a real baby. At least this is how artists did it back in the day.

Things have changed a lot since the 1930s when the first reborns were created. Nowadays, artists will not necessarily modify a finished doll; instead, they will take a doll kit and modify/assemble parts from it. This provides much more leeway to an artist resulting in a higher quality reborn baby doll. Artist can also add various features to a new doll as well as accessories (such as clothes or bear toys) making it more unique.

When it comes to the material being used the body, head and limbs are either made out of soft vinyl or silicone (or their mix) while the torso is usually made of cloth and cotton. According to artists’ experience, silicone baby is more realistic but the material also costs more money. There are various things to note when working with each one of these materials. Dolls are also weighted for a better experience. 

Unlike manufactured dolls, reborns are made by hand, it takes a lot of time to instill life into them and artists place emphasis on certain details such as eyes, nails, skin, and hair. Artist has to be patient and precise with every detail. Even though it may seem easy on paper, the art takes years to perfect. This is precisely why collectors love them and find them more beautiful than the regular dolls. Furthermore, you can say there are no two dolls that are completely the same. Due to the intricate process, you can rest assured that your baby is unique. This is precisely why collectors love them so much. 

What are Ashton Drake dolls?

If you visit Ashton-Drake Galleries, you can notice that these sweet newborn babies were created by star artists such as Linda Murray, Cheryl Hill, Linda Webb and so on. This is a good sign that their collection is at least influenced by these professionals. But does this mean they are “reborns”?

When you browse the website a bit more you may notice there is no mention of reborn baby dolls. Furthermore, those who buy one of these cute dolls may notice tiny differences between Ashton-Drake dolls and dolls created by famous artists. They might feel similar but these differences are a clear indication that these dolls are likely manufactured by the Ashton Drake Galleries. 

Does this mean you should throw away your Ashton-Drake doll? 

These dolls are not toys; neither you nor your child should play with them as they are still collectible items. Even though they are mass-manufactured, they are of high-quality. Perhaps they are not regular reborns but are still far from a toy. Ashton Drake baby dolls are extremely popular in the USA and you can easily find them on almost any collectors' site such as the Bradford Exchange or eBay. Besides the clothing, you might receive some other great items within the box such as teddy bears. They are a great gift, they feel soft on touch and you will keep your Ashton close to your heart. 

One of the most appealing qualities of these babies is their patented SoTrullyReal skin. It is simply amazing and is a great surface for such dolls allowing you to apply paint with ease. 

Our view

If you ask most doll lovers they will tell you that these dolls are adorable. They have a certain grace to them and can definitely help your collection.

If you’re solely into reborns and don’t appreciate high-quality dolls such as these, then its best to skip purchasing one. However, if you’re open to something new, you might as well adopt a baby girl, boy or a toddler from the Ashton-Drake collection.

Keep in mind that, while Ashton-Drake dolls are not your regular reborns, they are made from high-quality materials. In fact, they cannot be compared with some minor brands which tend to use bad stuff for their babies. In that regard, you can rest assured that your new family member will last for a long time and will not be easily damaged even if you're reckless with it.

What is your opinion regarding Ashton-Drake dolls? Would you mind having these dolls in your private nursery or are you put off by the fact they are mass-produced?

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  • Ashton-Drake babies are simply adorable! I have Jasmine and Tiana. I dress them up in real baby clothes for an even more realistic look. Nursing home residents love them. I dress them up, wrap them in a blanket, pop a paci in their mouths and the residents just adore holding them like real babies. I’m so pleased with these dolls.


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