Top 14 Ashton-Drake Doll Artists

Ashton-Drake is one of the most famous doll companies in the world. This is a result of continuous effort both in terms of materials being used, the creation process, as well as the artists, employed. Everything has to come together for a business to create awesome artistic pieces on a continuous level.

Among all these factors, artists’ talent is perhaps the most important. In the end, you can give a person the best material in the world but if she cannot produce a nice item out of it, everything will be for naught.

ashton drake artists

In this article, we’ve made a short list of top Ashton-Drake artists and things that make them awesome. Read on!

  1. Tasha Edenholm

Tasha is one of the top doll artists from the Pacific Northwest. She was born and raised and Seattle and like most other little girls, her love for dolls began rather early. Tasha owes most of her success to her grandmother who was a doll collector herself. Her home was always full of rare European dolls and Tasha was excited every time she visited her grandma. Still, she had a particular taste in infants. When she finally stumbled upon reborn dolls, she knew that this is her future calling. Her dolls are OOAK and they have a large number of amazing small details.

  1. Linda Murray

Besides Ashton-Drake, Linda works with various other companies. This makes sense given that she is recognized worldwide as one of the best and most transformative reborn artists today. As someone who has made doll her whole life, Linda was always placing focus on the uniqueness of dolls. She is always trying to give them a unique twist and in the process, Linda has developed new mediums such as ShellCloth and ShellChina. During the creation process, she pays attention to every detail. By using pictures of real babies, she is trying to create unique, lifelike pieces that all doll collectors can appreciate.

  1. Waltraud Hanl

Although one of the best doll artists in the world, Waltraud loves to keep things to herself. She is a rather reclusive person but her work speaks volumes. Unlike some other reborn dolls on the market, Waltrau is famous for giving her babies a special glow; she is excellent at painting them making each one of a kind. A big number of dolls she made for Ashton-Drake have special features. Some of them are able to breathe, to hold a pose, and they might have other interactive features as well. If you’re looking for a perfect birthday gift or want to increase your own collection, you can’t go wrong with Waltraud Hanl’s dolls.

  1. Marita Winters

If you check Marita’s website, you might notice a wide variety of products. Besides various clothing and accessories, the site also offers Resin dolls, OOAK sculptures, and traditional reborn dolls. She has never been afraid of a challenge and doesn’t like to be placed in one category. Instead, Marita likes to think of herself as a complete doll artist; by checking her pieces, you will quickly realize that this is a true statement. As someone who has worked as a freelance designer and artist for more than 20 years, she can make amazing art by using almost anything.

  1. Mayra Garza

The amazing thing about all these doll artists is that all of them are able to create dolls without relying on any molds. This is especially true when it comes to Marya as she does all the work by herself ensuring each piece is unique and cannot be replicated. This is especially important for doll collectors who are always on the lookout for those special items. Her dolls can be anywhere from 6 to 35 inches long so no matter what you’re looking for, Marya can make it. In terms of hair, the artist uses human hair or mohair giving the dolls even more realistic feel.

  1. Cheryl Hill

Without a doubt, Cheryl Hill is one of the top doll artists in the world. Besides doing projects for Ashton-Drake, she is also cooperating with other companies. You can find her best pieces on sites such as eBay, Amazon and Bradford Exchange. In terms of her style, we can easily say that Cheryl is an innovator and a free spirit. She loves dabbling with various themes so you might stumble upon dolls such as fisherman baby or firefighter baby. All of these dolls have amazing, intricate details. Sheryl made sure to invest lots of love not only in their bodies but accessories as well.

  1. Sherry Rawn

Canadians were always known for their incredible reborn artists and Sherry is definitely one of them. Hailing from Ontario, she has a quite impressive artistic background. Sketching, wooden art, sculpting and oil painting are just some of the things she’s interested in. Of course, being an artistic soul, she is always looking to expand her knowledge and try new techniques and materials. She made her first steps in doll making back in 1993. Cherry used pottery clay to create her first pieces. At first, she didn’t make it as a doll artist and had to go back to a regular job. But that doesn’t mean she stopped with her artistic efforts. She continued learning and trying new things and finally, after starting with OOAK babies in 2004, her career took off.

  1. Marissa May

For an artist as famous as herself, Marissa is a rather private person. If you’re interested in her pieces, you can find them via her Pinterest account. Of course, she is also featured on various doll sites such as Ashton-Drake and MacPherson Arts & Crafts. Although Marissa doesn’t love experimenting too much with her dolls and most of them are relatively similar to each other, that doesn’t take away from her expertize. In fact, the paint job and hand-rooting on these items are rather amazing and you would love taking one of these babies home.

  1. Sandy Faber

Sandy is a good example of how international reborn doll community is. Although she works closely with the North American doll companies, Sandy lives and works in the Netherlands. Her fascination with reborns comes from a love for her family. These babies remind her of all things good and pure in this world and Sandy does her best to bring them to life. Dolls are hand-sculpted giving them a unique appearance. Given that the doll artist started creating since the age of 17, the babies have lots of masterful details. She relies on Australian Modelene clay for all her items and places lots of emphasis on giving them a unique character and look. To make things even more realistic, all of her babies have the weight of real children.

  1. Linda Webb

Linda Webb is a master sculptor who has been around the block. Her babies are made with lots of love and imagination. Miniature collection is especially impressive as it provides something a bit different. You can also find lots of premiees online made by her and besides your usual reborns, Linda is experimenting with some other doll types. No matter what, these reborn babies are definitely worth your money. Collectors are especially fond of her work and are prepared to pay top dollar for some of her best pieces.

  1. Violet Parker

You don’t become a doll enthusiast overnight; it is something that develops through time. Violet is the best example of that. Her fascination began from an early age when she was playing with soft material dolls and trying different techniques. She would do everything by herself from the doll creation to its paint, hair and even clothing. Although Violet never had a formal education, her passion more than compensate for this fact. In 2007, she took her love for dolls to a whole new level committing to it full-time. Given the amazing feedback of the community, she decided to turn it into a business and today, you can find her pieces all over the web.

  1. Sherry Miller

For Sherry, doll creation is both an emotional and inspirational process. When creating a new doll, she starts by looking for photos of real babies. She would them make a short list of all the babies she liked and keep them for further use. They will become the inspiration for the next piece. But Sherry doesn’t only rely on one baby; instead, she might take a feature from one child and incorporate them with second baby’s features. This allows her to make unique items that don’t resemble any baby in particular and yet, have the same features of various babies. For a doll to be a success, Sherry needs to like it first and foremost.

  1. Donna Lee

Donna has started her reborn journey in January 2005. As someone who never had a formal art education, the first steps were rather troublesome as she had to learn a lot about dolls and various techniques. Nevertheless, she was firm in her decision to see it through and she started by sculpting babies from clay without having to rely on doll molds. Donna soon realized she had a real knack for it which further encouraged her to pursue a professional career. Within 2 years, she was approached by 2 doll companies and today, she is recognized as one of the top artists in the world.

  1. Ina Volprich

Ina Volprich is a German doll artist who dedicated her life to mastering the craft. If you check her website, you might notice various intriguing pieces. Indeed, Ina has never shied away from creativity and has always looked for new, interesting ways to express herself. Whether its elderly doll, miniature, monkey doll or something else, she will make sure that the piece is masterfully done and meets expectations of her numerous clients.


You can find all these artists by browsing Ashton-Drake’s website. They are also present on some other platforms and web shops so if you’re really intrigued by their pieces and want to find more, we suggest you browse the web for a bit longer. Most of them have websites of their own, or they might showcase their skills via Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

No matter what, you will likely appreciate their skills as they are the best reborn community has to offer.

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