What Are Anatomically Correct Dolls?

You’re probably wondering what an anatomically correct doll is. Even though these items are nothing new and have existed for centuries (since before 0 AD), there is lots of controversy surrounding them.

Basically, dolls are anatomically correct when they have primary and secondary sexual characteristics of a human being. Characteristics usually refer to features that distinguish a male from a female; in other words, genitals.

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Why are these characteristics being used?

There are numerous reasons why genitals are being displayed.

Throughout the history, we had anatomically correct dolls as a way of displaying a difference between a man and a woman. The best examples include women dolls which were used to depict a deity or were being used for fertility rituals. For example, dolls with big breast and big belly were showing a pregnant woman or a fertile woman. Given that these dolls were used for both magical and religious rituals, it is easy to understand their importance.

However, the dolls changed over time. We don’t use them for religious rituals; instead, these products are popular as children’s toys instead. And this is precisely where the controversy lies.

While anatomically correct dolls can be used for education, people will more likely purchase them for fetishism purposes. It’s also possible to use them for questioning children who were victims of sexual abuse. Such items can be used during interrogation in order to establish whether or not a child was touched/harassed and in what way. However, there are some doubts whether such approach can actually help and yield a relevant result. In following years we will learn more about it and whether or not anatomically correct dolls can protect children’s rights as well as safety.

In terms of usefulness, besides these main benefits, the dolls can be used by young professionals in training them how to perform medical procedures on newborn kids and toddlers. As such, they might become one of the top tools within the particular health sector teaching future pediatricians about children’s body. Have in mind they might also have a full set of removable internal organs which may also improve the quality of education process.

Anatomically correct toy dolls

Besides abovementioned benefits, it is possible to add different parts to dolls for a better realism.

For example, sex characteristics are sometimes used for reborn baby dolls.

Please keep in mind that many collectors feel that these very realistic babies are a piece of art. They are appreciated for their numerous lifelike details. Reborn baby doll is meant to resemble a real child in every way possible and it’s not uncommon to add genitalia so that a doll can look like a baby boy doll or a baby girl doll. These items are very popular among parents who lost a child or whose children have left the home. They would play with them as if they were real kids and thus, it is understandable they would expect all these advanced details. Although there is a lot of debate how these dolls would impact their life and whether it’s the best way of dealing with trauma, it seems that reborn baby dolls may have a positive impact on individuals.

Even though they cannot replace a family member or truly help deal with trauma, some people find them to be relaxing. It may seem they are like a hobby: people like to relax by playing with reborns. These dolls are a true American legacy; while they’re famous in the United States they have also become popular worldwide.

Getting your own reborn doll

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