20 Collectible Dolls That Doll Collectors Adore

Collecting dolls is a great hobby. These small pieces of art are especially popular for role-playing but creating your own nursery where you can showcase these amazing angels is also an amazing experience.

It takes a lot of time and skill to make perfect collectible dolls which is precisely why they are so attractive. In fact, doll making is a craft that has persisted during centuries. Over the years, master craftsmen have experimented with various materials and techniques. This is why today, we have dolls made out of cloth, porcelain, silicone is various other things. 

Dolls are among the most popular collectibles and there are various types to choose from. Items such as the Barbie, Madame Alexander, old porcelain dolls are just the tip of the iceberg and the list goes on and on.

best collectible dolls

Here is the list of 20 most popular doll types that you can buy online today!

  1. Adora dolls

Adora dolls are relatively new. The company has existed for the last 20 years but in this short amount of time, they proved that Adora brand can stand for much more than toys. Instead, these babies have become extremely popular among collectors. Some of their first products are highly sought after. Furthermore, Adora dolls received 20 different awards further reinforcing the popular opinion that these items are among the best in their class.

  1. Antique dolls

Antique dolls usually refer to collectible items that were made during the 19th and early 20th century. These pieces are much different from the ones we’re used to. While the collectible antique dolls can be small pieces of art, the difference in materials used is more than obvious. That doesn’t mean they are faulty or bad in any kind. In fact, these items are small pieces of art lost in time waiting for the right owner to come to pick them up. Needless to say, they require lots of care as there is only a limited number of them on the market.

  1. Art dolls

As the name implies, art dolls are something completely different. Instead of being created as toys, for kids, their main purpose is artistic. They are made from various materials and using different technologies. Naturally, creators have much more leeway when experimenting with different concepts. Unlike regular mass-produced dolls, these pieces may take several weeks and even months to finish and their prices may reach tens of thousands of dollars.

  1. Baby Alive doll

Baby Alive doll is one of the numerous toys that Hasbro company brought to us. A great thing about Baby Alive is that these collectible dolls are excellent for role-playing. In that sense, they are very similar to reborn babies as well as other realistic dolls. They have a whole system allowing them to eat and eject the food. Item was primarily made for kids not only as a toy but also as an educational product.

  1. Baby Born doll

There are numerous reasons why you should buy a Baby Born doll. They have 9 different functions that make role-playing an amazing experience. Furthermore, when you buy a product, you will get 11 accessories which will allow you to start playing right off the bat. Dolls are constantly checked and rigorous tests are performed ensuring they are completely safe for kids to play with. In fact, the safety specifications oftentimes exceed legal requirements for the particular product.

  1. Barbie doll

What can be said about Barbie dolls that haven’t be said before? These items are among the most popular in the world (if not the most popular) and have been produced for decades now. They are one of the main reasons why Mattel company has become such an industry giant. Barbie dolls come in various shapes and form. Perhaps the best thing about them is that the company constantly invents new accessories and additions making your playtime that much better and exciting.

  1. Berenguer dolls

Berenguer dolls are rather old products. Their production started in 1940 led by the creative vision of Salvador Berenguer. Initially, they were a revolutionary product with various lifelike features. Soon, many companies followed Berenguer’s ideal which is why today, we have such a dynamic market for lifelike and reborn baby dolls. These babies are extremely popular among collectors due to their uniqueness and a big number of details.

  1. Black Barbie dolls

Something that started as a separate product line soon got a life of its own. Black Barbie dolls are a type of Barbies that became increasingly popular over time. Nowadays, the sales for Black Barbies are almost on par with White Barbie doll as well as all other collectible dolls from this product line. Black Barbie has the same level of quality as all other Mattel’s product, they come with various accessories, their limbs can be moved, they can be dressed in new outfits and so on.

  1. Bratz dolls

Bratz dolls are often mentioned in the same sentence as Barbie dolls. Although they don’t have such a long tradition (the product was introduced in 2001) they quickly became popular among children and collectors. Bratz dolls were the brainchild of Carter Bryant who wanted to try something new. However, it wasn’t an easy road for the company. At first, the dolls provoked lots of controversy due to their disproportion as well as fashion-forward style. In time, they became accepted and even highly sought-after.

  1. Cabbage Patch doll

Although these products have a rather strange name, they are incredibly cute. Cabbage Patch dolls are famous for their interesting, almost cartoonish design. While they might seem a bit goofy, a lot of work has been invested in their creation. Lots of these dolls were hand-stitched which requires an enormous amount of time and effort by some of the great doll artists employed by the company. They are a perfect gift for smaller children although the older ones can play with them as well.

  1. China doll

These items are small pieces of art that used porcelain (otherwise referred to China) as the main material. Fine glazed porcelain was used for the head, the body was made from cloth or leather while they also had painted, molded hair. The trend of producing China dolls took off in Europe, during the 19th century and countries such as Germany and France were the frontrunners in their manufacture. There are lots of cheap reproductions of classic China dolls nowadays. Still, if you have the right thing, it can be sold for a hefty amount of money. Needless to say, antique China dolls are extremely popular among collectors.

  1. Corolle dolls

Corolle dolls are a French brand that was founded in 1979. Initially, the company only had 5 people but a strong desire to create unique, realistic babies. Their vision was on point and soon enough, Corolle dolls became popular not only in Europe but in the whole world. These items are extremely soft, you can put them in water, and they are an amazing gift for kids. If you are a collector who appreciates fine products, you will definitely be taken by Corolle dolls!

  1. Handmade dolls

Handmade dolls have existed since the dawn of time. People would create these small items for religious and other rituals. Over time, they became extremely popular among children so people would make them as a toy. Today, even though there are numerous big doll brands on the market, handmade dolls are still very popular. Some of them are amazing collectible items and aficionados are prepared to pay top dollar for them. A great thing about handmade dolls is that they vary from artists to artist and can you can find all sorts of interesting pieces.

  1. Ken doll

As Barbies became more popular, Mattel company decided to create the doll’s male counterpart. This is how Ken doll first came to be. Like Barbie, Ken often comes with a set of accessories and fashionable clothes. In fact, they are produced in a very similar way while using the same materials. Ken oftentimes comes in a set with Barbie but can also be bought separately. Although this item was primarily made for kids, it gained popularity over time and today, it is very precious to collectors all over the world.

  1. Lee Middleton dolls

Lee Middleton dolls have a long history. The first ones were created by Lee Middleton at her home. Lee constantly added innovations to her items changing materials, accessories and other aspects. Today, these babies are sold all over the world and remain popular for their unique appearance and realism. Lee Middleton dolls are especially popular among collectors and people who love to role-play.

  1. Madame Alexander dolls

Madame Alexander is one of the oldest doll brands in the USA. Founded by Beatrice Alexander in 1923, they were first meant to replicate popular cultures. The dolls were made to resemble famous movie stars, singers as well as characters from popular books. The company was also famous for producing first ever fashion doll named “Cissy”. If you love amazing craftsmanship, you will definitely love these items.

  1. Ragdoll

Almost all of us had some sort of a rag doll growing up. Ragdolls are the simplest type of a doll made by combing cloth and some other materials. A person would sew the doll’s body and then fill it with various materials such as cotton. These items were primarily made as kids’ toys and could be found throughout history. In fact, one of the first Ragdolls was found in a Roman child’s grave dating somewhere between 1st and 5th century AD. Needless to say, antique Ragdolls can be especially valuable to doll collectors.

  1. Shirley Temple doll

Shirley Temple is a name of a famous American child actress who was popular during the 1930s. At one point, she became so popular that Ideal Toy Corporation decided to apply for a Shirley Temple doll patent. They started manufacturing these products in large quantities and with lots of different variations. Although Shirley Temple dolls reached the peak popularity during the 1930s and 1940s, they are still very valuable to collectors.

  1. Vintage dolls

Vintage dolls can include various types of items. Anyway, this term is mostly used for dolls that were created decades and even centuries ago. They are extremely valuable both as collectibles but also as historic items. Some of them can be seen in museums and if you’re lucky enough to get ahold of one of those babies, you will have an incredible new piece for your collection.

  1. Ball jointed dolls

Ball jointed dolls is a term used to describe products that have balls and sockets in place of the joints. They are modern dolls coming from countries such as Japan, China, and Korea but in the last few years, we’ve seen more Western companies producing this kind of an item. They are specific products particularly meant for collectors and customizers. If you love playing with dolls and changing them up, this will be the ideal item for your collection!

If you’re new to this passion and don’t know where to start from, there are numerous types of dolls at your disposal. Most of them are highly collectible even if they are recently produced. It is a trend that has existed for centuries and even millenniums and we don’t see it stopping any time soon!

What kind of items do you buy for your doll collection? What are your best and worst experiences when collecting dolls? Share it in the comments below!

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