5 Types of Special Feature Dolls You’ll Love

by Nikolay Stoyanov June 12, 2019

Reborn dolls are amazing as they are. We cannot dispute a high level of craftsmanship on some of these items, intricate details that make them unique as well as the number of time artists invest in creating them. However, they can always be better.

One of the main priorities for reborn babies is to make them as realistic as possible. In the end, they are created in a human image so it shouldn’t surprise us that a lot of people love having some additional features. Breathing, heartbeat, joint movement, are just some of the actions these babies are able to do.

Special Feature Dolls

If you’re always on a lookout for a unique piece and want to buy a bit different reborn, make sure to read this guide! We will go through some of the most interesting dolls with unique features so don’t go away!


Breathing dolls are perhaps the most common dolls of this type on the market. Most reborn parents would love to see their doll breathe (imitate breathing that is) so they are prepared to pay a bit extra in order to have one of these babies in their possession.

The breathing mechanism is based on a simple device which artist can place in almost any baby doll. You can feel your baby breathe if you put your hand on its chest. They use batteries for energy (usually 3 x AAA batteries) and all you have to do is flip the switch so that a reborn can start breathing like a real baby. Keep in mind that the quality of these devices may vary; some breathing mechanisms may create awkward sounds so make sure to buy from a trusted site such as ours.


Of course, if you really want your baby to feel real, you will install a heat pack in it.

These packs rely on the gel as the primary substance. All you have to do is flip a clip that is inside of the baby and it will start heating up. The devices can be placed either in the nappy or in a pocket of the body. It will last for a while and after that, the baby will stop heating up.

With this system, you have to bear in mind certain risks. Materials such as silicone and vinyl are not particularly durable so too much heat can cause damage over a prolonged period of time. Because of that, you will have to be very selective when using a heat pack. Make sure to use it only when you’re playing with the baby; there is really no point in keeping it on while it sits in the nursery.


Reborn dolls are not particularly stiff. This is especially true when talking about silicone dolls who tend to be a bit floppy. Sometimes, you might want to showcase a baby in a particular pose. If that is the case, Hold That Pose by Ashton-Drake is the best solution for you.

Truth be told, dolls don’t move that much on their own. But with this technology, you’re able to leave a baby in a particular pose and without turning on the mechanism, this pose will not be changed. So, even if you’re cleaning around, moving reborns or taking a reborn to play with it, the doll will remain in exactly the same pose as you’ve initially placed it in.

With it, you can place your dolls in a really lifelike, realistic position and they can stay put until you decide otherwise.


Sounds are something that makes a doll come alive. Unlike real babies, reborn never releases that cooing sound that we all love. But, if you decide to buy a baby with this special feature, you will hear cooing all day long!

Cooing is activated on a button allowing you to use it at will. Unfortunately, some of these devices are still not well developed and depending on where you will buy a doll, it can lead to a bad experience. Some reborn parents have complained that a baby may sound artificial if it has a low-quality sound box. With that being said, like with everything else, make sure to buy from a well-known source.


Majority of the babies cannot move. This is only to be expected as this mechanism can be rather expensive. But if you’re prepared to spend a bit extra, you can order today a reborn baby doll that has a limited range of motion.

These babies are really unique in their own regard. Movement provides some extra realism making you feel as if you’re holding a real child. The system is usually based on batteries so you will have to change them from time to time. Nevertheless, this cannot replace the feeling of wiggling that babies make.


Reborn baby market is constantly developing and companies are doing their best to outdo each other. This leads to a vast number of models and unique twists.

While some people may refer to special features as nothing more than a gimmick, they are an important step in reborn doll development. Who knows; perhaps one day we see dolls that are very similar to real kids with numerous intricate features and functions.

For now, most of these systems are rudimentary and depending on where you buy a doll, they can be a real disappointment. So, make sure to rely on reliable suppliers as only this can guarantee high

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