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We’re one of the biggest online stores that sell realistic silicone collectible baby dolls. We invest lots of love and craftsmanship in our babies and as a result, we are able to offer our customers newborn doll babies that are of the highest quality you can find on the market today.

Our products are manufactured in our factory in China where our artists breathe life into every silicone baby they create. We pay a lot of attention to each part of our dolls’ bodies such as their eyes, eyelashes, mohair, limbs and skin making turning each item into a small piece of art for your doll collection.

Lots of our bestsellers are newborn full silicone body dolls. Most of them are a combination of premium soft silicone vinyl (for their arms, legs, and head) and cotton (for their body). Our customers often refer to our collectible babies as reborn dolls although they’re not reborns. The main reason is that they look very alive, often have similar size as human babies and are weighted for a more realistic feeling when held in hand. Each real looking collectible doll comes with a set of cute clothes and other accessories as a gift to you.

Our newborn silicone babies can be purchased as a gift to your child, wife or as collectible items. You can play with our baby dolls, feed them from a bottle, bathe them, comb their hair or take them for a walk. All our products are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly material which is safe for you, your kids and the environment.

Sign up today and buy a cute lifelike newborn collectible doll from our big dolls collection. We promise it will warm your heart and nurture your soul for years to come. Buy a silicone baby girlsilicone baby boytoddlers baby dolls or a black baby dolls! If you’re into twins, you should check our adorable twin baby dolls. Don't forget to see our cute mini silicone babies too. If you’re on a tight budget you must have a look at our cheap silicone dolls, they’re great value for your money!