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About Us is one of the biggest online stores that sell realistic baby dolls. We invest lots of love and time in our business and as a result, we are able to offer our customers quality cheap newborn babies. Whenever you check the top categories there will be some special products waiting for a new owner. Hopefully, that can be you!

We cooperate with some of the main companies and artists. Every rebirth baby is 100% handmade and every artist we work with will do their best to create a custom lifelike dolls with lots of good details. The biggest emphasis is on parts such as eyes, eyelashes, mohair and skin paint making each item a small piece of art.

Some of our most popular dolls have full silicone body. Most of them are a combination of soft silicone vinyl (for their arms, legs, and head) as well as cloth and cotton (for the body). Whether it’s a silicone baby or made of different materials, these real looking baby dolls don’t feel fake at all. They often have similar size like human babies and are also weighted for a more realistic feeling when held in hand. We also sell mini silicone babies so make sure to check them out too. Our lifelike newborns are sold with a set of clothes as well as other supplies and accessories.

Realistic silicone babies can be bought as a gift for children or collectors. You can also take care of them personally and add them to your home nursery. Please, have in mind that although lifelike baby dolls are not your standard toys for kids, you can play with them, feed them from a bottle, give them a bath, comb their hair and take them for a walk. Our cheap realistic silicone baby twins dolls are great for customers with big families; full body silicone babies are pretty safe and easy to maintain. All our dolls are made of non-toxic material and you’ll find them to be so much fun!

Sign up and buy a cute lifelike baby doll today – it will change your life. Whether it’s a silicone baby girlsilicone baby boyrealistic toddler doll or a black baby doll, we got some great deals every day! Oh, and don't forget to check out cutest ever mini silicone babies too. Contact us to learn more!

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